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The Week That Was

These were the top five stories on CLOmedia.com for the week of Feb. 22.

Here were the top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Feb. 22.

  1. Will Video-Based Learning Kill the LMS?Few vendors have come to grips with video-based learning.
  2. How U.S. Leaders Can Gain Cultural AwarenessAmerican business leaders aren’t as connected to the rest of the world as they could be. Developing internal and external cultural awareness can change that.
  3. When Skills Are MoneyKey leadership development around certain ‘money’ skills should touch everyone in an enterprise.
  4. Technology Makes Executive Education More EffectiveDigital learning creates a savvier, more educated workforce at all levels.
  5. 7 Reasons to Measure Learning ROIOne big reason to measure learning? The boss wants it.

On another note …

Fast Company lays out how to start your workday on the right foot.

The publication is also sharing how leaders can be great at storytelling.

… and The Atlantic reports on how half of the world will be nearsighted by 2050.

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