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Chief Learning Officer is a multimedia publication focused on the importance, benefits and advancements of a properly trained workforce. Our award-winning content caters specifically to executives in the enterprise learning market.

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Executive Team:

Kevin Simpson, President

Vince Czarnowski, Business Manager

Sales Team:

Cliff Capone, Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin Fields, Vice President, Business Development, Events

Daniella Weinberg, Regional Sales Manager

Melanie Lee, Business Administration Manager

Editorial Team:

Mike Prokopeak, Vice President, Editor in Chief

Rick Bell, Editorial Director

Ashley St. John, Managing Editor

Elizabeth Loutfi, Associate Editor

Chris Magnus, Assistant Managing Editor

Andie Burjek, Associate Editor

Theresa Stoodley, Art Director

Andrew Lewis, Video & Multimedia Producer

Events Team:

Alec O’Dell, Webcast Manager

Malaz Elsheikh, Event Content Manager

Latonya Harris, Events Graphic Designer

Research Team:

Sarah Kimmel, Vice President, Research

Tim Harnett, Research Manager

Grey Litaker, Data Scientist

Digital, Production, & Marketing Team:

Greg Miller, Marketing Director

Lauren Lynch, Digital & Audience Insights Director

Ashley Flora, Media & Production Manager

Kristen Britt, Marketing Specialist

Micaela Martinez, Audience Insights Coordinator

Steven Diemand, Digital Coordinator

Josh Ginter, Web Developer