1. Microlearning is a rich media version of programmed instruction that uses the modern psychological concepts of cognitive load capacity, better memory retention techniques, and robust feedback loops to help people learn more effectively in a faster-paced, complex workplace. Microlearning also incorporates elements of problem-based learning to help learners advance up the Bloom Taxonomy.

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    Dr. Bill Brantley

  2. I totally agree about buzzwords, jargon and catchphrases. My own personal opinion about microlearning is it’s a great way to reinforce more traditional learning approaches after the fact so that learning “sticks” and trainees remember and are able to put into practice what they learned.

  3. Appreciated this column, especially the line “like to make stuff up, give it a name, talk about it at conferences and stuff it into our toolkit way too quickly.” It is helpful to have different approaches to consider in the effort to support learning. Learning happens naturally. It is already in motion. Helpful to consider options new and old by changing the question from how we can effectively teach something to how can we most simply support that learning.

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