Here were the top five stories on for the week of March 7.

  1. When Emotions Hijack Your Rational Response: Brain research can help decipher the reason behind those awful, eyebrow-raising office gaffes.
  2. Create a ‘Name It to Claim It’ Culture: Leaders can produce big benefits when they promote a strong sense of employee ownership and accountability for career development.
  3. How Executive Education Is Embracing Diversity: Diversity is far from black and white these days, and programs like those at UCLA’s Anderson School are taking a multidimensional approach to development.
  4. Learning Leaders as Brand Ambassadors: Creating a strong corporate brand requires a strong learning foundation.
  5. The Problem With Executive Education: Custom programs are addressing many of the business community’s long-standing complaints about academia.

In Other News …

Fast Company explores whether women are opting out of management before getting hired.

NASA’s bug repellent aims to save airlines millions in fuel cost, Bloomberg Business reports.

… and in “MFA vs. CIA,” featured in Lapham’s Quarterly, a writer considers an alternate life as an undercover agent.


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