Organizational Culture and The Training Commitment Equation

Assessing your organizational culture can diagnose potential breakdowns in people, purpose and structure and provide you with the right equation to deliver positive financial results.

Avoid and Correct Employee Evaluation Pitfalls

Too often, our approach to learning evaluation breaks down due to predictable mistakes. But with a few tips, we can get back on the road to high-performance learning.

Forget Me Not So Much

A recent study shows how severely productivity is impaired by poor information retention and how to leverage learning to help.

Here’s What a 700-Year-Old Philosophy Taught Me About Learning Analytics

The simplest solutions are often the best.

Does the US Get a Good Return on its Investment in Education?

ROI, education attainment, results

Problems persist in the United States’ educational system, but it remains among the most efficient countries in maximizing the billions of dollars it invests in education each year.


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