“Grow Your Own” – Tackling Medical Assistant and Healthcare Talent Shortages

Healthcare organizations across the country are struggling to fill open positions. The gap between supply and demand has reached critical levels and new strategies are required to ensure your workforce remains optimally staffed. To make headway, the industry needs to consider innovative education and recruitment models for healthcare professionals.
During this session, we will explore current hiring and talent trends related to medical assistants on both regional and national levels. Presenters will share common mistakes and best practices to overcome talent shortages in an economical and efficient manner using real examples from different health care systems.

1. Understand regional and national trends on talent shortages in health care.
2. Explore examples and success stories of innovative solutions to curb the shortage of non-clinical staff.
3. Enable HR leaders to design plans to overcome workforce challenges.

CLO Survey: Defining & Mapping Effective High-Stakes Learning

We asked 400 CLOs and over 1000 learners what they think the state of their organization’s learning culture is and where they hope it is going. Join us for an intriguing and somewhat disconcerting summary of your peers’ perspective as we dissect the key findings and its implications for L&D approaches moving forward. Additionally, we’ll provide some clarity around what an effective Collaborative Learning solution functionally is and how the benefits transcend common barriers to adoption. This webinar will:
• Identify the most business-critical challenges facing CLOs today
• Dissect the data trends and what they mean for the industry
• Define the ideal modality for high-stakes learning and justify its adoption