Learning Innovation During Times of Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us many lessons; perhaps the biggest lesson for Learning and Development professionals is that, in our industry, the music has stopped and we’re all scrambling for a chair, adopting quick-fix measures and marking the problems solved. But at the heart of our knee-jerk reactions and band-aid learning solutions is a fear of change. Rather than grabbing for any available chair so that we can stay in the game, it’s time to change the game by recommitting — or perhaps committing for the first time — to a systemically planned, holistically measured innovation strategies.

This isn’t a gloom-and-doom, “I told you so” lecture. Matt Donovan, GP Strategies’ Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, and Erica Tetuan, Change Management Practice Lead, will offer a message of hope and explore the rewards of and best practices for adopting innovation in the face of disruption.

During this interactive webinar, Matt and Erica will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

Overcoming fearful, knee-jerk reactions to disruption to see the opportunities within
Recommitting to innovation
What good looks like in the time of COVID-19

Building an Exceptional Learner Experience: How Blizzard Entertainment Facilitates User-Centric Development for its Worldwide Teams

Blizzard Entertainment’s ever-growing learning requirements, need for accurate training documentation and tracking, and expanding global employee population created an urgency for a learning solution for the entire enterprise. The integration, implementation, and consistent systems approach would prove essential in ensuring a development experience that is seamless, easy to navigate, and provides exactly what the employee wants…immediately! In this session, Lowell Doringo will share Activision Blizzard’s story of how the organization evolved to a learning culture that is a continuously growing, adapting, and service-providing for all of its employees.

In this session, you will discover:

How to best prepare, organize, and present your department’s learning content in a new learning systems to best benefit admins and users alike.
The importance of a user-friendly UX design to help attract learners to keep coming back time and time again.
Marketing techniques that will help increase the traffic and usage of learning tools across your employee base.

Modernizing Performance Evaluation

Anecdotally, we have been hearing that the performance evaluation process has been undergoing a dramatic sea change, with several high-profile organizations abandoning the annual appraisal and implementing alternative feedback processes. How widespread are these changes? What does a modern performance evaluation solution look like? Does it involve technology? Integration with other systems? Are employees appraised more often — or less?

In this webinar, Sarah Kimmel, vice president of research for Chief Learning Officer and Workforce.com and Paul Smith, chief revenue officer for Workforce.com will discuss key findings and share the results of a recent Chief Learning Officer study on modernizing performance evaluations.

Join them to learn:

· How and why organizations are changing their evaluation process.

· What organizations are looking for in a new solution.

· How technology addresses the shortcomings of legacy processes.

· Out of the box ideas for improving employee feedback.

CLO Breakfast Club – Chicago 2020

The concern shown by everyone as we all grapple with the challenges of the coronavirus underlines how special the people who make up the Chief Learning Officer community are. Over the last two weeks, we have been working through options as we monitor the situation. One thing that is clear is how important it is to bring people together, support one another and share ideas and practices to get us through the time ahead.
After much consideration, we have decided the best option to serve our community is to postpone the upcoming Breakfast Club Event. We will keep our audiences posted as to new times and dates for all Breakfast Club events.Thanks you!

Accelerating Learning Content Digitization at Scale in a World Changed Forever

The world has changed, and we can all feel it, but the current health crisis has only accelerated a longstanding need for more effective virtual learning solutions that really deliver on business goals.

It comes at a time when the latest in behavioral science, immersive technology, and data analytics are helping organizations to design and build engaging, personalized learning experiences at scale, in a way that is impossible to achieve with ILT and traditional elearning technologies. Moreover, the new approach empowers business leaders to accurately measure how behaviors and skills drive business performance, as never before.

In this Webinar you will learn, how immersive learning delivers:

More effective outcomes than traditional ILT or elearning technologies.
Reduced seat time, with assessment driven learning, based on real world scenarios & practice.
Data analytics for stronger business alignment, and accurate assessment of skills gaps to enable organizations to thrive.