CLO Breakfast Club – San Francisco 2019

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

CLO Symposium Fall 2019

Developed and driven by the editors of Chief Learning Officer, the CLO Symposium is where learning, training and development professionals come together to learn from each other. By connecting with people and teams who have faced similar challenges and goals, you can learn practical applications that will help you and your team achieve the results your organization expects. This conference isn’t just for CLOs, though. Get the most out of the experience by bringing your team so you can all learn together. The Symposium is held in the spring and fall in different locations each year, so if one event doesn’t work for your learning department, consider attending the other. We look forward to seeing you there!

CLO Breakfast Club – Washington, D.C. 2019

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

CLO Breakfast Club – Boston 2019

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

“Grow Your Own” – Tackling Medical Assistant and Healthcare Talent Shortages

Healthcare organizations across the country are struggling to fill open positions. The gap between supply and demand has reached critical levels and new strategies are required to ensure your workforce remains optimally staffed. To make headway, the industry needs to consider innovative education and recruitment models for healthcare professionals.
During this session, we will explore current hiring and talent trends related to medical assistants on both regional and national levels. Presenters will share common mistakes and best practices to overcome talent shortages in an economical and efficient manner using real examples from different health care systems.

1. Understand regional and national trends on talent shortages in health care.
2. Explore examples and success stories of innovative solutions to curb the shortage of non-clinical staff.
3. Enable HR leaders to design plans to overcome workforce challenges.

CLO Survey: Defining & Mapping Effective High-Stakes Learning

We asked 400 CLOs and over 1000 learners what they think the state of their organization’s learning culture is and where they hope it is going. Join us for an intriguing and somewhat disconcerting summary of your peers’ perspective as we dissect the key findings and its implications for L&D approaches moving forward. Additionally, we’ll provide some clarity around what an effective Collaborative Learning solution functionally is and how the benefits transcend common barriers to adoption. This webinar will:
• Identify the most business-critical challenges facing CLOs today
• Dissect the data trends and what they mean for the industry
• Define the ideal modality for high-stakes learning and justify its adoption

Address the Skills Gap with Micro-Credentialing

Using Open Badges to provide micro-credentials is a great way to track upskilling and career pathing for learners within organizations. This session will cover how micro-credentialing supports ongoing professional development and personalized learning pathways as it pertains to accomplishments and skills.

By attending this session, you will:

Explore the open badge framework and how it can track progress to act as a workplace currency
Analyze why most organizations that try badging don’t succeed in their goals
Learn how badges help solve the skills gap and how clients are using them to transform their learning culture.
Discover strategies for badging effectively at your organization.

How do you Identify a Good Manager?

We’ve all heard that “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit their managers.” In fact, a lot of us have probably done exactly that. There are plenty of opportunities out there, especially for high performers, so most people won’t stick it out with someone they don’t much care for. That begs the question: why do so many companies still have so many lousy managers?

It comes down to two important things: we don’t value the right traits when we look for managers and we don’t train our managers to cultivate those traits. In this webinar, Mike Giordani, Co-Founder of Lingo Live, will highlight how to identify and foster managers that grow your company. You’ll learn:

● The three most important traits for a good manager
● How to identify the ideal internal candidates for management positions
● What the real cost of bad managers really is
● An
● And a whole lot more

Join us on July 30th for this free, interactive webinar and unlock the potential of your management team!

What your employees need to learn to work with data in the 21st century

The data revolution is well underway. Regardless of the industry or department you work in, working with data will soon be an essential part of your job, if it isn’t already. This could take the form of basic data analytics, data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence. This can be overwhelming: what do all these terms means and how can they be leveraged to impact your daily work, whether that be in finance, healthcare, tech or the public sector, among many others? This webinar will give you a primer for understanding how data can impact your work, what you need to know and how to go about learning it.

Empower Your Employees with Modern Learning, Communication and Performance Tools for Success

Join this informative session to hear how Debra Kellogg, manager of education, performance, and communications at Toshiba, built a next-generation employee portalfor a global audience. Combining their LMS with modern e-learning courses, Kellogg developed the Toshiba Academy, the Toshiba Connect Communication Portal, and the company’s conversation-driven performance program, IGNITE!. You’ll learn how a very lean L&D team deployed these in the United States and Latin America in less than a year, along with tips on providing your learners with tools for success.
Learning Objectives/Session Takeaways:
Empower your employees with tools for success in today’s busy world.
Understand when and how to leverage partners’ expertise to work more efficiently.
Gain ideas on how to deploy a coaching, learning, and goal-oriented culture!
Learn how to leverage today’s technology to meet tight budget and ROI training requirements.