CLO Symposium Fall 2019

Developed and driven by the editors of Chief Learning Officer, the CLO Symposium is where learning, training and development professionals come together to learn from each other. By connecting with people and teams who have faced similar challenges and goals, you can learn practical applications that will help you and your team achieve the results your organization expects. This conference isn’t just for CLOs, though. Get the most out of the experience by bringing your team so you can all learn together. The Symposium is held in the spring and fall in different locations each year, so if one event doesn’t work for your learning department, consider attending the other. We look forward to seeing you there!

CLO Breakfast Club – Chicago 2019

CLO Breakfast Club Chicago

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

5 Moments of Learning Need

As learning professionals, we know, intuitively, that learning is a good practice in any context. We know that learning is the best path to a new experience, job or even, a new career. However, do we know what moments in our learning journey are essential to achieving these goals? Wouldn’t it beneficial to know what moments in your learning journey are the most important to optimize your learning and subsequent performance?

In this session, Brett Wilson, Director of Thought Leadership and Strategy at Cornerstone, is joined by both Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson, learning thought leaders and principals at Apply Synergies. Both Bob and Con have been pondering this exact same question above for the last 40 years! Moderated by Brett, Bob and Con examine what have come to be known as the 5 Moments of Learning Need.

What Your Employees Need to Learn to Work With Data in the 21st Century

Dr Hugo Bowne-Anderson is a data scientist and educator at DataCamp and host of the DataCamp podcast DataFramed. He has worked in applied math research in cell biology at Yale University and the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics, after receiving his PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of New South Wales. He joined DataCamp three years ago to build out their foundational data science curriculum in Python and his main interests now are promoting data & AI literacy & fluency, helping to spread data skills through organizations.

CLO Breakfast Club – Atlanta 2019

CLO Breakfast Club Atlanta

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

Creating a Coaching Culture

This workshop provides a framework and a road map for those seeking to create a culture of coaching within their organization. Drawing upon the organization and leadership development strategies employed by some of today’s most progressive organizations, this fast-paced, highly-engaging learning event will provide participants with concepts and approaches they can use to create a culture in which day-to-day conversations enhance performance and accelerate learning

Learning Objectives:
• To learn the characteristics of a coaching culture and how it can help teams and organizations make a significant shift in effectiveness.
• To explore ways leaders can be encouraged and equipped to coach team members on a regular basis.
• To Identify the strategic initiatives senior executives can take to create a culture of coaching throughout their organizations.

Empowering Women in Leadership: How to Develop Female Talent

How can organizations ensure that women are able to rise to leadership positions?
While companies have been making efforts to promote gender diversity, there is still a significant amount of progress to be made to ensure that women have the support they need to reach leadership roles.
In this webinar, you will learn:
• Why it’s critical for organizations to develop female talent
• The path to female leadership
• Female leadership development success stories

Open-Source Learning: What you Need to Know

The concept of “open-source” — that is, software for which the original “source” code is made freely available for others to add on, modify, and improve — radically changed the way software is developed, and has played a large part in enabling the technology boom we see around us today.

But the open-source idea isn’t just for software engineers. Some of the core ideas associated with open-source approaches can offer interesting new directions for L&D teams too.

As decentralization, openness, sharing, and collaboration become the new norm in many organizations, the idea that anyone can share their expertise broadly, and that individuals and teams can access and build on each other’s know-how perfectly encapsulates this concept of ‘open-source learning’ perfectly.

In this presentation, you will learn from the experiences of a technology company on applying the concepts of open-source software development to development of another kind – that of your staff. We’ll cover:
● The fundamentals of “open-source learning”
● How these relate to knowledge sharing and learning within an organization
● How to make open-source learning happen