CLO Breakfast Club – San Francisco 2019

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

CLO Symposium Fall 2019

Developed and driven by the editors of Chief Learning Officer, the CLO Symposium is where learning, training and development professionals come together to learn from each other. By connecting with people and teams who have faced similar challenges and goals, you can learn practical applications that will help you and your team achieve the results your organization expects. This conference isn’t just for CLOs, though. Get the most out of the experience by bringing your team so you can all learn together. The Symposium is held in the spring and fall in different locations each year, so if one event doesn’t work for your learning department, consider attending the other. We look forward to seeing you there!

Leveraging Internal Executives and Peer Learning to Impact L&D Culture and Objectives Across the Globe

Accessing third-party experts to help develop leaders across a global organization is certainly possible, but is that the best option for the company and those leaders who need real world skills, wisdom and insights as part of their development? Using talented internal trainers is an option as well, but again is that the best option? Can you instead leverage an internal faculty of senior executives and combine that with a focus on virtual peer learning sessions as a strategy to supplement your traditional learning options? If the answer is yes (hint: it is), what are the benefits of these initiatives and how can you measure the cultural and practical impact.
Join Jay Rhodes, senior director of global learning and development, and Victoria James, director of learning and development UK/IE and EMEA for BCD Travel, as they share insights into the development, implementation and measurement of leadership faculty and peer learning initiatives across a global organization.
Walk away with practical suggestions on:
• How to impact the learning culture with nontraditional learning initiatives.
• Designing and implementing a formal leadership faculty program.
• How to utilize peer learning as a creative and effective solution to practical training and social learning needs.
• Using a simple impact assessment approach for measuring the success of current and new learning initiatives.

Are Your Leaders Prepared For The Tsunami Of Change In The Digital Age?

From digital technologies to the evolution of workplace culture and the rise of talent expectations, learning practitioners see a tidal wave approaching. Do you worry whether you and your talent will sink or swim when the wave hits? Are your leaders prepared to surf this wave?

As a learning and development professional, you’re passionate about ensuring that your workforce is prepared to face the demands of today’s ever-changing business environment. How do you prepare for the wave of change? You may already struggle to quickly identify learning opportunities and build impactful programs that connect to business objectives and drive employee engagement. You may be challenged with ensuring your leaders have the skills they need to support the workforce.

As the demand for increased talent intensifies, employing an ecosystem of support will enable your organization’s agility to inspire continuous learning for both leadership and talent development. Join us to learn best practices that will help you overcome common challenges with implementing a strategy focused on talent maturity in all employees

In this session, you will:

Identify the common challenges facing all leaders today
Learn best practices others use to ensure their talent swims to success in their careers
Take away practical ideas for how to leverage professional services to drive the most business value for your learning function

The Leadership Challenge

Who is tapped to lead next at your company? Are they interested in jumping on the leadership pipeline? What do they expect from leaders? They may define “leadership” differently than we’re used to seeing it.

Join us as we debrief our findings on our new study: The Leadership Challenge: How Different Generations See It. In this exhaustive study of more than 2000 workers spanning the range of generations, we look at how views differ and what it will take to lead the next generations.

Specifically, we’ll discuss our findings related to:

• How generational views of leadership vary, including expectations of leaders and their ideas about the best ways to develop leaders.

• How interested employees, by generation, are in becoming leaders in their organizations, and what does that entail?

• Are there important differences by generation or do other differences matter more, like Career Stage, Education Level, Family Status.

We investigated all of these important questions and will share them during this webinar.

CLO Breakfast Club – Washington, D.C. 2019

Join us at the CLO Breakfast Club where we’ll be discussing the trends, technologies and practices transforming employee development into an even more powerful force for sustained success.

Moving Beyond Employee Engagement: The Employee Experience Index

Employee engagement is often viewed as the proxy for employee well-being. The line of thinking is that if engagement is good, that means employees are good, resulting in better business outcomes for employers. But, is employee engagement the best construct that employers should use to positively impact productivity and performance?

New research suggests while engagement is important, it’s only one piece of the broader picture—the entire employee experience. In reality, people want to work for a company that enables them to bring their full selves to their job and helps them grow and thrive. Creating this kind of workplace goes beyond just ensuring that employees are engaged—discovering the ingredients that create the most positive employee experience, then creating the conditions to cultivate them. When companies enhance the employee experience, business benefits directly.

Join Chief Learning Officer magazine and BetterUp for a lively discussion where we’ll discuss:

• Key findings from our research of over 17,000 workers
• What the Employee Experience Index (EX Index) is, and why you’ll want to use it
• Why the EX Index will change how you think about traditional Learning & Development
• Strategies for optimizing 6 key experience areas for better business outcomes

Driving Strategy: How to Avoid the Top Three Mistakes

Whether you are creating and leading strategy for your organization or have a role in driving adoption of a strategy there are three, easily avoidable mistakes that many organizations and leaders make: (1) not being clear on intent, (2) not understanding if all leaders are on-board with the strategy, and (3) not predicting and mitigating failure points.
In this webinar, Erica Tetuan, Change Management Practice Lead, will explore:
• A formula to ensure the intent is clear and you know your role in bringing the strategy to life
• A method for thinking about who needs to be engaged in leading the strategy and how to determine if their support of the strategy and aptitude for leading the change is where you need it to be and how to assess yourself
• The power of being predictive to be preventative – how to see around corners to make better decisions and plan for things that might go awry