1. Great article. So is VR sharing considered user generated realtime content. It would be interesting to see people’s thoughts on user generated content via VR and if that is int he future.

  2. I think we are witnessing the adoption of VR as an effective training tool. But I think this is mostly due to Corporate decision maker adopting it slowly. The word VR has been hammered daily for 5 years and it becomes a household word. It has no relation with the quality of the visuals. either with good or bad visuals the hormones produced by your hypothalamus will make the experience pleasant to our brains, generate a very exciting moment, will help your memory fixate the events better, all-in-all an effective learning method. We are there in the frontline seeing this happen. Great article!

  3. Great share! Actually, medical schools have already adopted this technology as a way of teaching their next generation of surgeons. And other sectors have equally adopted it too like the education, construction, telecoms, hotels etc. The police or the armed forces is one growing prospect for virtual reality as well (read article @simianvr.com/news/police-officers-are-being-trained-with-virtual-reality) Through use of virtual reality, you create a truly immersive and impactful experience that will present real opportunities for learning and development.

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