1. A great piece that reinforces how critical it is for organizations to clarity their higher purpose, the proposition they offer to the world, and their people to make a differentiated impact. So often this is lost, and the business flounders, engagement suffers and people’s motivation to contribute and learn does not get sparked at the level necessary to sustain or win. Thanks for this insightful write up.

  2. The key point to me in this piece is that we don’t have the luxury of waiting 10,000 hours for high performers to develop their expertise. Understanding the science of learning allows us to shorten that time and ensure that the right brain changes are taking place.

  3. Dear Margie – I would re-phrase your point. We don;t have to wait 10,000 hours for high performers to BEGIN to develop their expertise. But there is no short-cut to 10,000 hours of personal development. Have you read ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell? Definitely worth a read for all of us

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