1. We’ve been hearing this for at least the 40 years that I have been in business, yet the majority of managers still act like drill sergeants, PE teachers, or the guys on “Mad Men.” As I see it, there are two problems. First, a lack of positive leadership role models. We are still constantly presented with image of the “successful” businessman as being eccentric, ego-driven, and dictatorial. The nurturing leader barely exists in fiction or in the press. Second, the vast majority of businesses are focused on short-term profits, and in the short term, traditional methods work, even if employees find them uninspiring. Threatening an employees job may motivate them to seek other employment but in the mean time they’re going to do what they can to hit those goals. Until we can find a way to get C-level staff to look beyond the next earnings report and start thinking in terms of results over decades, and yes, even corporate legacy over a century or more, there will be little incentive to change tactics at the lower levels of management .

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