1. Thanks for an informative video. I’d like to share a quick observation regarding degrees and “nanodegrees”. I think it’s fair to say that we’re all familiar with the former whether it is a 4-year undergraduate degree or a graduate degree. Degrees are the qualifications individuals earn at universities and colleges. In contrast, the label “nanodegree” has no standard meaning and, frequently, is something not offered by an accredited university. The example you share in your video – a collaboration between IBM, Udacity, and DiDi – highlights that no degree granting organization is involved in this “nanodegree”.

    I mention this because of the great plug you provided for online degrees in your list of three things to keep in mind. As someone who is involved with adult learners earning undergraduate degrees in an online format, I fully support your encouragement for employers to place equal weight on the credibility of a university degree earned via an online format. That said, I would also encourage employers not to confuse “nanodegrees” with the qualifications earned from an accredited university. That doesn’t mean nanodegrees should be discounted or dismissed, it just means they should not be equated to degrees.

    I look forward to your next video! Thanks again.

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