1. Great article Josh. I think it would be great for a follow-up article that would help people in our profession to build a career development plan that would provide us with the new curation/context role skills and knowledge we need to make the transition. Many professionals like myself have been trying to figure our what our new role means in terms of skills and knowledge. Do we now need design skills like web Ui/UX and HTML 5 and a deep understanding of xAPI tools and social learning and performance consulting instead of the traditional ‘old world’ training skills and competencies. I think we do. Would be interesting to hear what others believe.

  2. I agree. I think perhaps the most profound insight in this post is “moving from creating to enabling learning.” In order to enable learning we need to truly understand it, which pulls in learning science from multiple disciplines. I have a tiny nitpick on language, because I think that the term “invisible” is often used by marginalized groups to suggest a negative situation. It doesn’t really make any difference, but I’d say the L&D function has become “transparent.” To me, that means we put things in place and then get out of the learner’s way.

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