Let’s see what the top five stories from were for the week of Jan. 25.

  1. Are Authentic Leaders Hard to Find? Some say yes. But John Addison, CEO of Addison Leadership Group, has come up with nine principles that define leadership success, and offer CLOs strategies they can use to effectively develop talent.
  2. Big Data Can Create Big LearningUsing data to inform learning strategy promotes agility in addressing business needs, feeds employees desire for feedback and coaching, and creates leadership pipelines.
  3. Building a Successful and Strategic Long-Term Hi-Po GameMarket conditions require strategy for the short- and long-term including the strategic leadership development of high-potential employees.
  4. Looking Ahead at Learning in 2016Leadership development, informal learning and technology will remain essential pieces of the learning leaders’ toolkit.
  5. Stepping Back Into a Contributor RoleBlogger Ed Cohen has been on all sides of the learning equation as teacher, corporate practitioner and consultant. Now he’s branching into a new role as an individual contributor at

On Another Note:

A new study says that visualizing success actually works, Forbes reports.

Time magazine showcases the late David Bowie with his some of his most iconic musical collaborators.

And according to a new study out of Columbia University, it looks like what you’re eating for dinner could be to blame for your sleepless nights. Mother Jones has the story.


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