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Kelly Palmer

The Rise of the Machines

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to personalize learning at a level that was fantasy just a few years ago, writes blogger Kelly Palmer.

Learning Delivery

The Power of Learning From Your Peers

The model of one expert delivering information to many students is outdated in the knowledge economy.

Kelly Palmer
Leadership Development

Are You Building Skills and Knowledge for the Future?

Gain a glimpse into learning’s future by taking stock of where it is today.

The Employee Experience

Kelly Palmer is the chief learning and talent officer for Degreed.[gtx_content_list id=”38070″ display_title=”” template_id=”9530″ count=”20″ el_class=”” offset=”0″]
kelly palmer

What Kind of Learning Culture Does Your Company Have?

Keeping learning continuous to engage your workforce.

Talent Management

Three Ways to Motivate Employees to Learn

Show, rather than tell, to encourage employee growth.