1. Bersin
    Thanks a lot . I have been a Kinkedin Member for the last 10-12 years . But I never knew that it has 17 million users and 13.000 courses . How come Linkedin hid its existence like this . From now on I am the biggest customer of Linkedin Courses Thanks billion .

  2. But what people are really learning there ? For experienced and matured people learning happen 24 x 7 but must of the junior and unexposed or little exposed youth of today who join their jobs after getting a paper degrees learning bookish knowledge without application oriented practices and just parroting the theories of Porter or Cottar …. personal excellence, competitive skills, abilities to think independently and rational personalities are not growing at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter …… organizations are scared of brilliant people, personal excellence and pope who think and talk differently from the masses beyond and out of the the group dynamics. In the name of teamwork mediocrity has been encouraged and the personal brilliance has been pushed down human intelligence getting killed to promote artificial intelligence.

    17 million users and 13.000 courses ….. revenue has been enormous but the excellence in learning, thinking, skills, abilities, competencies and effectiveness has gone down alarmingly. All researches on employability index across the world and in every country are clearly indicating the severe drop in graduate employability levels and failures of institutional effectiveness followed by things are happening in the name of training and developments by “speakers” but not thinkers or intellectuals or inspiring achievers not bribing any positive changes.

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