1. Is the US CLO also supporting the CEO’s innovation plan?

    Not so long-ago CEO’s worldwide complained about their too low innovation power required to answer today’s complex market challenges and to support the related growth plans.
    In the last 5 years US CEO’s of the fortune 50 companies have been installing the CLO to bring the management disciplines of knowledge, change, innovation and talent together. This to develop an unambiguous and feasible development and innovation strategy for their organization.

    Is this happening now or do US-CLO’s stick merely to the ‘learning issue’ and the related training assignments dictated by Human Resources?
    Here in Europe (EU) and the Netherlands, we are making our ‘first CLO-steps’ and the US-CLO is for us a supportive example. Considering todays innovation challenges of our EU-CEO’s and VP’s, I do notice that they have similar expectations as their US-fortune50 counterparts.

    I do consider the CLO as the prime partner of the CEO and his Executive Committee to lever the required knowledge for innovation, change and development purposes. The CLO aligns in the first place a knowledge development plan for the CEO’s desired growth, before knowledge risks are managed and learning paths are developed. This all to increase efficiency and results of innovation and change projects. Does this sound familiar?

    Peter E. Beerten PhD Cand.UU
    CLO-assignments & consulting
    Mobile: xx31-6-

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