1. Very good way to break down the various aspects of the coaching relationship. Too often people (coaches and clients) think there is a formula for coaching, when it actually differs for each person and situation.

  2. What is done in executive coaching should be determined by the objective needs of the client. Ideally, assessments can be used to determine the area in which the client is in need of skill enhancement.

    • I’ve seen your work George and it’s good. I follow what you’ve shared here and also enjoyed the article.

  3. How the individual performs within an “organization” is also of great importance. I was woefully disappointed after a year in Afghanistan as a bit of a corporate over-watch. I witnessed a conundrum that had I more time would have been the core of a book that executive coaches would have read for sure. But in short, and as it relates to coaching, the conundrum was the org behavior and culture. This was a DOD company with thousands of employees in a combat zone as civilian contractors. I’ll leave out the finer points that you all might feed on as that sideline convo with political banter. But for the coaches the problem is this: turn over happens fast and therefore leadership positions need to be filled. There was one woman in a role of leadership there and this was the classic old boy environment. She did something that I’ve seen few people do with any success. She became the popular leader among the masses and in the process had influence even against the back biting and complete push to have her sent home boy the macho and driven round table. As a coach and trained observer I saw many attributes and clearly defined actions taken by this woman that were not “coached” but if they were actions that could be bottled and poured by coaches the world over, we would have some very interesting results.

    So~ the emphasis is not just the performance of the individual but it’s also the awareness of the environmental obstacles of humans in the circle of influence.

  4. Thank you for showcasing the results produced by several of my coaching clients in this piece! Executive Coaching supports not only executive leaders and their teams, but can also effectively address the top ten organizational challenges that every company faces. You can see the full list at an article I wrote for Forbes that complements this article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2017/02/24/how-many-of-the-top-10-most-common-organizational-challenges-plague-your-company/#30ba391c1e79

  5. I enjoyed your article and how you broke down the various hats the executive coach wears. I like to start with the areas the client is committed to working on and have them build a road map. This forms the framework for the engagement. Happy to share your article with my subscribers. Steven


  6. Executive coaching has attained widespread popularity with several business organisations from all across the globe investing in it to benefit employees. Have you been planning on doing the same but not sure what exactly this particular procedure entails? Well, please give the above article a read as it will clear all your doubts. The author has carried out thorough research and specified varied roles of coaches as a lamplighter, context builder, gap filler, etc.

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