1. This definitely reinforces a solid avenue for retention of learning. What I have discovered with some tasks is that following this avenue for learning and development also allows for process improvement discoveries by allowing the newly minted “teacher” to put the content in a much simpler process. As we work with those folks who are tech savvy and who doesn’t have the “it’s always been done this way” approach, we should see a positive end value in the individual, teams as well as for the organization.

  2. I entered the IT industry in the mid nineteen-eighties as a Training Manager for an IT company. It was the dawn of the PC age. The day I started I had not seen a computer, much less touched one. I had to learn and I consolidated my learning by training others. Once I was severely embarrassed by some negative feedback from a learner who identified my lack of knowledge. But it made me all the more determined. I then took on young ex teachers from schools, trained them in such applications/systems as Word Perfect, Lotus 123 and MS-DOS and then, within 30 days, got them started on training others.

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