1. Great article! This makes total sense. Recruitment and L&D are complementary and are really both about the knowledge, skills and talent needed by organizations. Too many organizations have focused on recruitment for too long and have obsessed over finding the “perfect” candidate rather than hiring someone with potential and training that person or training someone internally to take on the role.

  2. Excellent article Mike! I’m proud to say that when I was with California Pizza Kitchen, we focused on promoting from within and therefore had an extensive progressive development program. I also made the decision once I was promoted to SVP HR, to add a “Director of Recruiting & Retention” position (we previously had recruiting separate from retention). The training and development department focused on the initial training and continuing development of new managers and the recruitment and retention department, recruited both internally and externally, hired and then stayed in contact with the hires they made to ensure they were happy and on track. They used our company data from management engagement surveys and turnover statistics to identify and follow up on any issues with specific locations and/or regions.

    We made signicant improvements to our retention by connecting the dots between recruiting, development and engagement, as your article so clearly outlines.

    Thanks for the great article!!

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