1. I am not convinced by the reasoning here. “The question for us is how many of our employees fall in this category? I don’t think the number is going to be large and certainly not large enough to make reskilling our next priority.” I am curious as to how anyone knows what the number of employees that fall into the category of ‘people whose skills are not fully aligned with their jobs is.’ I suspect that it is close to 100% and that this is a moving target. The skills needed for almost any role are constantly evolving and that reskilling is happening all the time, whether supported by Learning and Development groups or not. So how would we test this? We would need to be able to track four things. (i) What skills people have (I doubt that any company actually knows this today). (ii) How they are using these skills (ditto). (iii) What the actual skill requirements are for the many different jobs that even a single individual does. (iv) How people’s skills are changing (and I think they can change quite quickly). (v) How the skill requirements are changing. If we could get that data, then we could have a real discussion. The first step in the discussion would be to build a model of the system to make sure we understood the critical interactions.

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