These were the top five stories on from the week of Feb. 29.

  1. Legoizing’ Your Learning: The way people learn is changing. Breaking learning down into short, concise pieces is an effective way to build expertise one block at a time.
  2. How Do You Manage Remote Workers? The workplace is more digital than ever, and remote workers are becoming more prevalent. There are certain strategies leaders can use to make sure flex workers are working effectively.
  3. The Problem With Executive Education: Custom programs are addressing many of the business community’s long-standing complaints about academia.
  4. 4 Ways the Road to Executive Education Is Changing: Market forces and technology are changing how business is done. Here are four ways executive education is adapting to help companies function better now and in the future.
  5. Why the Oscars Boycott Should Matter to Global Business: When things go against our values, should we try to change them from inside, or should we show our discontent by removing ourselves, along with our skills and resources?

On Another Note …

Fast Company offers seven interview questions for measuring emotional intelligence.

Fast Casual details how two fast casual restaurants mastered training to enhance customer experience.

And The Atlantic asks whether we are approaching the end of the stethoscope.


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