Here are the top five stories from for the week of Feb. 8.

  1. Why You Should Care That Millennials Love Learning: Millennial values can inform a learning and development strategy that benefits everyone — including the business.
  2. Why Companies That Teach Will Win: The knowledge economy demands that companies accept and enable a much higher level of on-the-job learning and development.
  3. How Leadership and Creativity Go Hand In Hand: Leadership and creativity, if blended in the right way, can be a potent mix for any company.
  4. Why You Should Care That MOOCs Had a Great 2015: Massive open online courses were hot last year — growing by more than 17 million students since 2014. Growth is still climbing, as is perceived value and prices.
  5. How to Extend Learning Beyond Training: There are some tried and true tactics that can help make learning stick and be used on the job.

On Another Note …

The Washington Post reports that physicists have detected gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes.

Inc. details some startups giving FTD some new competition this Valentine’s Day.

… and Gourmet magazine reports on how new technologies are bringing fresh water to millions in need of safe water.


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