Let’s see what the top five stories from CLOmedia.com were for the week of Feb. 1.

  1. Accenture Connects Learning to the Business: To meet the demands of an industry reliant on its workers’ skills, Accenture makes learning happen via some interesting connections.
  2. How Serving Leaders Raise the Performance Bar: Servant leaders’ consistent efforts to demonstrate and signal expectations for high performance create confidence, competence and continuous improvement.
  3. Are You Wasting Leadership Development Investments? U.S. companies spend billions on leadership development each year. Without executive sponsorship, however, a good chunk of that money may be completely wasted.
  4. Wanted: Employees With Grit: Grit might not roll off the tongue when identifying admirable employee traits, but perhaps it should.
  5. Learning Needs a Makeover: Rapidly changing workforce learning preferences demand it.

On Another Note …

Here’s this beautiful New York Times feature on the personality and social lives of trees.

… some TED Talks to help you create and maintain good habits shared by Inc.

… and here’s an assessment via Harvard Business Review to see if your team thinks digitally.


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