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This weekend is forecast to be especially eventful for East Coast learning leaders bracing for a blizzard. Whether you’re enjoying a reprieve from the week’s bitter cold or shutting yourself in from the bad weather, cozy up to the top five stories on CLOmedia.com for the week of Jan. 22, and stay warm and safe.

Why You Should Care That MOOCs Had a Great 2015: Massive open online courses were hot last year — growing by more than 17 million students since 2014. Growth is still climbing, as is perceived value and prices.

Working From a Position of Strength: Strength-based coaching is just that: building upon individuals’ strengths and leveraging them for greater business outcomes. To do otherwise is counterproductive.

6 Rules for Aspiring Leaders: Leadership is about people, and while it’s not an easy job — it takes time and effort to become a great leader — its tenets aren’t complicated.

The Art and Science of Relationships: In a fast-paced world, sometimes the best thing you can do is slow down and get to know the people around you.

How Do You Know if Training Is Effective? You’ve heard it before, but training without measurement can be a serious waste of time and money. There are ways to prove training is effective.

On Another Note …

The Los Angeles Times explores the ancient art of writing therapy.

Data security is a big deal, to say the least. Inc. proposes company’s hire hackers if they’re serious about defeating them.

Find out what the ‘Q’ in Q-Tip stands for in this entertaining Washington Post feature.


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