Before unwinding for some much-needed vacation time, dive into these top five stories from for the week of Dec. 14.
  1. 5 Skills to Disrupt L&D in 2016: One learning leader’s love affair with ‘The Innovator’s DNA’ produces five skills her peers can use to give learning impact a shot in the arm in 2016.
  2. Quit Stealing Careers: If employees can’t use the learning you provide to develop in their current role — and advance to the next one — rethink that learning.
  3. Why You Need Horse Sense to Develop Leaders: Equine facilitated learning may be the next frontier in experiential leadership development.
  4. What’s Good for Gen Y Is Good for Business: For change-savvy learning leaders, considering Gen Y’s learning preferences isn’t a nice thing to do, it’s a necessity.
  5. We Don’t Deserve a Seat at the Table: Learning leaders have to focus on business to get respect.
On Another Note …
It looks like Google is poised to take on Uber in the “ride for hire” space, Bloomberg reports.
The Washington Post digs into what made it into the $1.1 trillion spending bill Congress unveiled.
And Inc. tells us which seven powerful words will get you what you want.

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