Get out of the sun and into the shade with these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 17. 

1. We're in a Leadership Development Crisis — Now What?: What's not working with leadership development? Everything. What can learning leaders do? Here are a few ideas.

2. Are You Really Building for the Brain? | Video: There's no such thing as a learning style. We don't learn by repetition. David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, debunks these and other myths in the neuro-based learning world. 

3. Farewell to Jon Stewart, America's Learning Leader: The man who started as a class clown became an example for learning leaders everywhere through his words, actions and his ability to make America laugh.

4. 5 Ways to Ensure Critical Knowledge Transfer: Companies routinely watch deep smarts walk out the door when experts retire or leave. But there are tactics learning leaders can use to transfer this critical knowledge. 

5. Why Cultural Competency Matters: Hospital readmissions pose a significant risk to the nation's fiscal and physical health.

On Another Note … 

What to do if your direct report doesn't respect you, from Fast Company.

Also, 10 businesses that could survive any economy, via Entrepreneur

Finally, 12 jobs you didn't know you could do from home, from Business Insider.




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