Read these top stories from this weekend. Trust me. 

1. Who Is the Best Leader for Performance?: Asking what's more important is the wrong question, writes columnist Ken Blanchard.

2. Be a Boy Scout: Prepare for Digital Badging: The Boy Scouts of America are now earning merit badges on their phones as well as their vests. Should your learning programs follow suit? 

3. Applying Brain Science at Dell | Video: Global learning officer Sydney Savion discusses how she uses neuroscience to establish a link between the way people learn and the way Dell delivers development. 

4. What Learners Really Want: Listen to your learners: They want speed, diversity and adaptability in internal development programs.

5. Why HR Is Missing the Boat With Millennial Hires: Adopt mobile apps and programs to meet Gen Y's desire for transparency and freedom, especially when it comes to benefits and pay, writes editor Ladan Nikravan.

On Another Note … 

More of Generation X is moving into the corner office, bringing along different leadership qualities, writes The Wall Street Journal. Read here

Also, lawsuits in light of Uber about the meaning of employment could have far-reaching implications for many industries, writes The Economist. Read here

Finally, the 21 questions you'll have to answer if you ever want to work for Goldman Sachs, via Business Insider. Read here


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