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The Week That Was

Dad wants your love this weekend, so give him a heart filled with learning knowledge by reading these top five stories from CLOmedia.com.

1. Creating C-Suite Confidence in Women | Video: Less than 15 percent of women have made it to the C-suite apart from those in support functions like marketing and HR. Former AT&T University leader Louise Korver is trying to fix that by building confidence through conversation and support.

2. Use Metrics to Slaughter Sacred Learning: Numbers aren't just for proving a program's validity, writes editor Kate Everson. Consider using them when making the case to discontinue or modify a popular initiative. 

3. Millennials: Will Work for Knowledge: A new study finds that learning and development tops Gen Y's list of what it wants from its job, writes editor Ladan Nikravan.

4. Making Competency Models Click | Video: Heading in a new direction, YMCA of the USA launched its custom Cause-Driven Leadership Competency Model that became the foundation for the talent management process at the Y. 

5. Why Your Company Needs a Learning Culture: Building a learning culture is not easy, but it is necessary to close the skills gap and minimize the talent management woes that plague so many organizations.

On Another Note … 

Goldman Sachs is telling its employees to take a breather and not work more than 17 hours a day, from Business Insider. Read here

Also, Amazon has a new delivery drone: you, writes The Wall Street Journal. Read here

Finally, say hello to the University of Microsoft, from Fast Company. Read here

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