Here's to the last full week of March. Before going out to enjoy what we hope is lamb-like weather, take a look at the top stories from Chief Learning Officer.

1. You're Stressing Me Out: Learning organizations can help employees get the best of their stress by helping them recognize and manage the symptoms.

2. Podcasts: Gen Y's New Obsession?: Editors Ladan Nikravan and Frank Kalman discuss what could be the next wave of viral learning delivery.

3. Google, GE and Goldman Sachs: Pursuing Positive Energy: Workforce consultant Shani Magosky explains how some of the biggest organizations boost energy and optimism through culture.

4. The View from the Top: Sure, your C-suite is on board with learning as part of doing business. But don't think that lets you off the hook when it comes to strategy, delivery and metrics.

5. The 5 E’s of Manager-to-Employee Coaching: More than two-thirds of managers are not engaged in their employees’ career development, but learning leaders can fix that with a little TLC — teaching leaders to coach.

On another note…

A new Steve Jobs biography looks at how the Apple CEO had to reboot his leadership skills to become a better boss. Read Mashable's story here.

The Washington Post offered this definitive guide that can tell you if a robot is about to take over your job. Read here.

Speaking of robots, don't be one. A recent scientific study finds humor makes meetings more productive. Read here.


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