The boost in daylight that comes this weekend will only give you greater opportunity to read these top five stories from for the week of March 2.

1. Help Millennials Fill the Soft Skills Gap | Video: Millennials often bring hard skills to the workplace, but many lack the soft skills to communicate with others.

2. CLOs: Agents Of Change: CLOs have come a long way from reactively taking training orders. Today’s learning leader is tech-savvy and uses business strategy and analytics to lead learning into the future.

3. How Millennials Are Redefining Benefits: Raised in a generation accustomed to convenience, 20-somethings have high expectations for their purchasing experiences — especially when it comes to health benefits.

4. Campbell's Development Recipe | Video: Learn how development improves performance and business quality at the Campbell Soup Co. and what learning leaders under budget constraints can do to replicate such success.

5. Executive Sponsorship: How and Why It Matters | Video: Qualcomm CLO Tamar Elkeles shares how she has developed and fostered key relationships to effectively implement and deliver learning.

On Another Note …

Work stresses people out, sometimes too much, reports Fast Company. Read here.

Also, 14 books by mega-CEOs that will teach you how to run the world, via Business Insider. Read here.

Finally, how is a cautionary tale for startups, via The Wall Street Journal. Read here.


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