You know what's scary? These top five stories from for the week of October 27.

1. Millennials: Behind in Life, Ahead at Work | Video: Gen Y isn't buying homes or starting families as young as previous generations, which could be beneficial to their engagement and development at work.

2. 5 Issues to Address with Employees Before Halloween: Don’t let the frightening festivities turn into a real-life office nightmare.

3. Can You Act Your Way Into a Leadership Role?: People can learn techniques to promote mental agility that will enable them to change their mental approaches and behaviors to meet particular objectives.

4. Another Business Skill Gap Filler: Competency-Based Learning: A new study shows competency-based learning is another way business and academics are connecting to fill the skills gap, writes CLO editor Kate Everson.

5. Reeling in the Millennials to Your Industry: With the baby boomer retirement on the horizon, here’s what talent leaders need to do to get and keep tomorrow’s rising stars in industries such as supply chain management, writes CLO editor Ladan Nikravan.

On Another Note …

Apple CEO Tim Cook officially came out as gay this week. Here's the essay he published making the announcement in Bloomberg BusinessWeek on Thursday.

Also, career advice from billionaire investor Warren Buffett, via Business Insider.

And "A History of MOOCs, Open Online Courses," from The New York Times.


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