October is my favorite month to read, so read these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Sept. 30.

1. The Brain at Work: Neuroscience has made big leaps to help leaders understand how we learn.

2. Learning by Design: Design thinking, a people-centric problem-solving method, might not be new, but its impact on the learning and development community is just beginning. Editor Kate Everson has more.

3. Does Your CEO Have the Right Stuff? Before investing time and money developing the next CEO, make sure the candidate has these seven characteristics.

4. Diverse Leadership Means More Success | Video: Boost financial performance by developing leadership skills in women and millennials.

5. What It Means to be a Millennial Leader: How will Gen Y's definition of "leader" affect your organization? Editor Ladan Nikravan explores in this edition of her "Ask A Gen Y" blog.

On Another Note …

Eye tracking shows that recruiters spend a lot of their time looking at photos on LinkedIn. This development, according to Fast Company, may mean your LinkedIn photo is the reason you get hired or called in for an interview. Watch the video here.

Also, working at Apple does not sound fun, according to this article in Business Insider. Read here.


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