So summer is kinda officially over this weekend. Get over it by reading these five stories from for the week of September 15.

1. How Much Do We Know About Gen Z?: A new study details Gen Z's characteristics, but editor Ladan Nikravan questions how much we can predict about such a young generation. Editor Ladan Nikravan has more in this video.

2. Special Report: Learning Technology: Overcoming disconnects between the desire for new technologies and the realities of implementation can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to learning technology.

3. Talk Isn’t Cheap: Connecting With Different Communicators: Like learning, communication comes in several styles. Know the differences to connect with different types of communicators.

4. What Makes Millennials Happy?: While finding fulfillment at work is not a new concept, millennials are bringing new values that are forcing companies to rethink how they can make workers happy. Editor Ladan Nikravan has more.

5. Five Steps to Increasing Executive Presence: Without the right guidelines, executives can miss opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills. Try improving their presence in an organization through defined metrics and character building.

On Another Note …

Starting a new job is exciting. For most people, they're either starting a new job becuase it's either better than their old job or it pays them more money. But according to this U.S. News & World Report article included in Business Insider, there are many hidden expenses in starting a new job.

Among the hidden costs that people might overlook: additional transportation expenses, higher health premiums and new dress code requirements. Read more here.

Also, the colleges with the highest-paid graduates, thanks to an article in The Wall Street Journal. Read here.


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