We’ve hit the mid-summer point, so chill out by the pool, grab your computer or tablet and ready yourself to drop some knowledge with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of July 7.

1. New at Starbucks: Tuition Assistance: The coffee titan unveils its new College Achievement Plan, but not without some criticism. CLO editor Kate Everson has the story. 

2. Move Around Before Moving Up: More organizations and their employees are finding the traditional corporate ladder no longer exists. Lateral career moves have become the best way to get ahead. CLO editor Eric Short has more.

3. Learning to Work With Unions: Union membership may be down, but business leaders still need to know how to work with organized labor — and that starts with the CLO. Editor Kate Everson has the story.

4. Three Ways to Create Innovative Leaders: To build innovation capabilities, CLOs should address the challenge on three levels: building individual skills; helping teams innovate new products, processes or business models; and building systemic capabilities for the whole company. Michael Lurie has more.

5. Dealing With Remote-Based Leadership: As leading remote employees becomes commonplace, prepare for the challenges ahead by planning around these three possible situations. CLO blogger Dan Pontefract has more.

On Another Note …

Every organization has its well-known corporate climbers — people who, despite having similar experience and skills as others, somehow seem to get promoted at a high clip.

According to an article from The Wall Street Journal this week, these corporate climbers are exceptional because they possess a series of “dark” personality traits that likely push their profile to the top of the heap.

These traits, known as the "dark triad," are manipulativeness, a tendency to influence others for selfish gain; narcissism, a profound self-centeredness; or an antisocial personality, lacking in empathy or concern for others.

Read more here.

Also, seven things winners do differently, via Business Insider. Read here.


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