Take a break from the weekend-long Cinco de Mayo celebration with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of April 28.

1. How to Keep Gen Y Tuned In: Ask A Gen Y blogger Ladan Nikravan interviews Keith Kitani, CEO of GuideSpark, on the best ways to communicate and engage with employees and how that affects how those employees are developed.

2. Custom-Made Employee Development: Ongoing employee training programs are critically important, as they keep companies competitive. Picking the right learning vehicle for employees has become increasingly complex. Candace House, executive director of corporate and professional programs at the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering, has more.

3. BD: Building a Leadership Pipeline Early: BD’s early career experience program has helped to reduce turnover in high-potential talent and accelerate their moves to the next level of the leadership food chain. Freelance journalist Katie Kuehner-Hebert has the story.

4. Bad Measurement Affects Training Impact: Lack of resources, management support and an inability to bring data together from different sources prevent CLOs from deploying effective measurement processes. Cushing Anderson has more.

5. Avoid These 10 Pitfalls of Virtual Classrooms: Like all training modalities, virtual classroom has its own requirements, considerations and unique demands. To use virtual classrooms successfully, learning leaders must strategize, plan and use specific skills. Tacy M. Byham, senior vice president of the leadership solutions group at Development Dimensions International, and Annamarie Lang, a senior consultant and virtual classroom product manager at the firm, have the story.

On Another Note …

While Gallup is always ready and willing to present us with the idea that most people are not engaged in their work, there are plenty of people in the workforce who — dare I say — maybe care too much.

And as The Wall Street Journal writes this week, it can be tough being a so-called organization lover. These people, because they are so deeply connected to the work they do and the organization they represent, might find themselves at a crossroads as to how to voice their dismay at a promotion in another department or a business strategy that they disagree with that is entirely out of their control.

Some organization lovers, the Journal writes, can even feel stress over these sorts of things. So how should they deal with it? Read more here.

Also, how to survive humiliation at work, via Business Insider. Read here.



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