Developing a security strategy for traveling should be a priority for companies and their executives, according to Global Security Associates, a company that works with traveling executives to develop security protocols.

“Many of the executives we work with are surprised to learn how many unforeseen dangers lurk in unexpected locations,” said William McGuire, president and CEO.

One of the biggest documented fears for executives traveling is kidnapping. It is important to know the risks ahead of time so important planning decisions can be made. The world’s most dangerous places include: Columbia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Venezuela, especially for executives living there or traveling there on a regular basis.

“If an executive is going it alone, I recommend they choose their destinations carefully and plan meetings in larger cities,” McGuire said. “When traveling, keep to a plan, and do not wander from your base area of operations. You can leave your hotel room in L.A. and walk down the street for a sandwich anytime, day or night, but this could be a disaster in many other parts of the world.”


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