1. A subject I have been fighting for as a workers representative/shop steward during my professional career for many years. Too many members of middle and top management with corporate giants especially in my country are under the impression that their employees are machines made up of only 5 parts and the majority did not and still today does not have the ability to recognize the warning signs of sleep deprivation and burnout in the workplace. Maybe some will start paying attention now that a big name is giving attention to the subject.

    If you are a small business or home business owner still on the uphill to create your own success then paying attention to your personal well-being won’t do any harm either.

    Miss Bravetta thank you for this very informative interview and for Miss Arianna for answering the questions so truthful and sincere. With your permission I have quoted this interview on my blog with the title “How To Cope With Your Home Business And Your Daily Tasks Without Neglecting Yourself” at https://wp.me/p8TkuT-xp published Sunday December 10th, 2017


  2. There is a direct correlation between diet, exercise, sleep and learning. When wellness was all the rage, companies focused and still continue to focus on the obvious end results which were typically weight loss and smoking cessation but the real benefits to everyone is healthier, happier people who see happiness as the joy they feel striving for their full potential every day. There is a growing body of science that demonstrates how we commit learning to memory while we sleep and how we are more receptive to learning when eating nutritionally dense foods. Let’s not forget how exercise affects brain function, increases problem solving and reduces lifelong cognitive decline. In a recent survey, LinkedIn reported that the number one soft-skill that executives believe needs to be developed is leadership. The best leaders lead by example and starts with wellness. We pay our employees for their hands, but with the right leadership, they would willingly give you their hearts and minds for free.

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