1. Feedback should be given via eyeball-to-eyeball conversations versus an app with 1-5 ratings. Maybe I can just manage my children using an app. Does anyone else think this is a real solution to the feedback gap?

  2. Numeric ratings are by far the least effective method of providing feedback. They offer nothing in terms of recognizing what the employee actually did well, or how they can improve. If you’re rating an employee’s ability to communicate effectively, what is the difference between a four and a five? And in whose opinion? Worse yet, when managers are expected to arbitrarily rank performance on such a scale, feedback becomes a chore rather than a tool. Repackaging the traditional “performance evaluation” (which never worked in the first place) in a digital format and sending it out on a daily basis is far from giving effective feedback. It’s a gimmick. And if you think just because something is in app form, that millennials will automatically embrace it, you have another thought coming. Crap in an app is still crap.

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