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  1. Wendy, I am a huge advocate for being productive. I agree that eating that frog does open up space for ease to get the rest of the to-do list checked off. However, in my experience its not that people don’t want to get the work done. Its not even always attributed to laziness or will power. I know because I have the foreign work-ethic that doesn’t really slow down. Yet, I’ve suffered from unproductive behavior.

    So what’s really going on? On a subconscious level, I don’t want to be productive in certain areas. Consciously, that sounds crazy. Why wouldn’t someone want to be productive? Well, to name a few it may mean you’re getting further than your parents did in life or it may scare you to become really successful in fear that people won’t like you anymore.

    I believe that overcoming these deep inner self-limiting beliefs actually do serve as the hack for instilling the desire to become more productive.

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