Let’s see what the top five stories from CLOmedia.com were for the week of Feb. 15.

  1. Is Your LMS Really Working? Your LMS should consider cognitive science and testing methodologies.
  2. Will Video-Based Learning Kill the LMS? Few vendors have come to grips with video-based learning.
  3. The Case for Content Curation: With rapid market changes driving content curation, learning leaders can dedicate more time to creating resources tailored to unique business needs.
  4. Why Companies That Teach Will Win: The knowledge economy demands that companies accept and enable a much higher level of on-the-job learning and development.
  5. LinkedIn’s Kelly Palmer Makes Learning Happen: The future of learning now, and it’s all about technology, personalize, curated content and social learning.

On Another Note …

The New York Times explores what today’s on-demand culture means for the environment…

and while Valentine’s Day is over, visit Nautilus to find out what pigeons can teach us about sentiment.

Also, here are 23 book s Mark Zuckerberg says we should read in our lifetime.


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