Make your weekend better with these top five stories from for the week of Dec. 7.

1. Being Selfish, Scared and Stupid Could be a Good Thing: In evolutionary terms, being selfish, scared and stupid has helped keep humans alive. Start using those instincts to achieve greater business outcomes.

2. Today’s Best Leaders Are Reflective and Vulnerable: Leaders who want their businesses to retain a competitive edge may have to first look inward to see outward results.

3. McKinsey is MOOCing on Up: The Chicago-based company not only made MOOCs appealing but also ensured the learning transferred immediately to clients.

4. 10 Myths About Learning and Performance: Check your understanding of the connection.

5. Unleash the Power of L&D: If you want to drive change, make learning and development an essential pillar in your organization’s business strategy.

On Another Note …

These five trends will change the way companies use social media in 2015, reports Fast Company.

Also, Foot Locker Inc. has improved its retail-worker hiring through predictive analytics, via Talent Management magazine.

Finally, here’s what venture capitalists do all day, from Business Insider.


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