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The Week That Was

Take a break from eating Halloween candy this weekend by reading these top fie stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Oct. 26.

1. The Dangers of Being Perfect: Being a perfectionist isn't what it's cracked up to be, writes editor Kellye Whitney.

2. Are You a Dysfunctional Leader?: Following these tips will help turn dysfunctional leaders into functional leaders.

3. Evolve or Die: Can Learning Functions Learn to Change: For companies to survive in the modern business environment, they must transform their learning approach to be more adaptable and more responsive.

4. Focus on the Means, not the Ends: Forget being profit-driven. Companies may find more success by enabling the actions that drive desired outcomes.

5. Is Learning Different Than Other HR Disciplines?: Learning and development departments might be fundamentally different and not best positioned in human resources.

On Another Note …

Entrepreneurs are reinventing the basic building blocks of capitalism, reports The Economist

Also, are you good at conducting interviews? Fast Company explores. 

Finally, nine signs you're the team's weakest link, from Business Insider

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