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The Week That Was

Before you head out for this weekend's apple picking, read these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Oct. 5. 

1. Say Goodbye to Competency Frameworks: The era of the yearly performance review is over. Competency frameworks are next for review.

2. Is Your Learning Introvert Friendly?: Make sure development suits introverted employees — they have more influence than their quiet dispositions might suggest.

3. Experience is the New Competitive Salary: Gen Y job hops for experience, not money, which means learning leaders have the power to keep them happy and employed.

4. What Arby's Can Teach Us About Culture: Profitability may be the result of an unusual development stance. 

5. The Cost of Purpose: Committing to a common goal isn't without its sacrifices, but the results are well worth the work a CLO will have to do to make sure everyone is on board.

On Another Note … 

Why younger people are better managers than their older counterparts, via Business Insider

Also, six signs you're not cut out for entrepreneurship, from Entrepreneur

Finally, how to have a more productive lunch hour, from Fast Company

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