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The Week That Was

Enter October on a high note with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Sept. 28. 

1. Survey Says: Millennials Have Soft Skills: Gen Y job candidates are often stereotyped as lacking soft skills needed for success. Research shows this isn't always the case. 

2. Is Your Learning Introvert-Friendly?: Make sure development suits introverted employees — they have more influence than their quiet dispositions might suggest.

3. Experience Is the New Competitive Salary: Gen Y hops for experience, not money, which means learning leaders have the power to keep them happy and employed. 

4. 4 Ways Learning Predicts, Protects Culture: When organizational beliefs, values and norms are part of a company's learning strategy, they're sustainable for the long haul.

5. Will We Ever Get Leadership Development Right?: Deloitte brings psychologists into its development offerings to get inside future leaders' heads.

On Another Note … 

At a time when most books are clamoring for people to become leaders, perhaps there's value in becoming a better follower, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Also, bosses with this personality type tend to manage the most people, from Business Insider

Finally, seven million-dollar habits of the super successful, via Entrepreneur

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