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The Week That Was

Start the official first weekend of fall by reading these top five stories from the week of Sept. 21. 

1. 4 Reasons Learning Should Embrace Branding: Learning is like any product or service delivered by a company, so why not brand it that way? 

2. Not Your Mother's Blended Learning: Made up of communities, cohorts and pairs, this is not the blended learning you know so well. It's a different breed, one focused on people, that today's companies likely need. 

3. For Women, Perception is Everything: To smash the glass ceiling, women can rely on their personal brand. 

4. We're in a Leadership Development Crisis — Now What?: What's not working with leadership development? Everything. What can learning leaders do? Here are a few ideas. 

5. How Should Today's Leaders Behave?: Do you know what behaviors employees expect from leaders? Perceptions about what makes leaders successful can inform development and talent management strategy. 

On Another Note … 

How to scale a business while keeping the human touch, from Fast Company

Also, five frugal habits of the world's richest people, from Entrepreneur

Finally, seven habits that can make you luckier, from Business Insider

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