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The Week That Was

That's it — summer is officially over. Get set for the new season with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Sept. 14. 

1. Where in the World is Gen Y Working?: Great Place to Work CEO Michael Bush talks about where the workforce's youngest members want to work and learn — and it's not where you think. 

2. Melissa Daimler: How @Twitter Handles #Learning: For a social media platform like Twitter, technology is everything, right? Wrong. When it comes to learning, Melissa Daimler says face-to-face interactions and feedback trump digital every time. 

3. Are You Having the Right Conversation?: To make things happen, learning leaders have to make sure they're talking to the right people. 

4. Teaching Away First-Job Fever: Millennials continue to filter into their first jobs, but not all are succeeding. Here's how learning leaders can help.

5. Back to School is Not Just for Kids: September's return to education isn't just for children. It's also a time for companies to focus on workforce development so employees don't drop out.

On Another Note …

Ten TED Talks that are worth more than an MBA, according to Business Insider

Also, the psychological benefits and drawbacks of perfectionism, via Fast Company

Finally, the gender wage gape narrowed to the lowest level on record last year, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, but for every dollar earned by a man women took home 21 cents less, on average. 

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