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The Week That Was

We're inching close and close to the end of summer. Get your sunshine reading in now with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Aug. 24. 

1. Accenture Canned Annual Reviews — Should You?: As Accenture ditches annual performance reviews, learning leaders in all companies need to be prepared to how such a shift can affect their jobs. 

2. Drive Business Forward With Reverse Mentoring: Two-way mentoring can enable knowledge-sharing in a multigenerational workforce. Old and young team members provide things each other needs, and the business reaps the benefits. 

3. Why You Should Want to Create Internal Consultants: Beauty products company Coty Inc. needed a makeover, so it turned its own employees into change advisers and ambassadors.

4. How to Better Prepare Gen Y for the Workplace: Millennials have the skills, but they don't always know how to use them in real world work situations. 

5. It's All About the Blend: Blended learning is evolving — tactics and technology must evolve with it.

On Another Note … 

Three great things to come out of the long-overdue design of Salesforce, from Fast Company

Also, more Americans seen returning to the job market, reports The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, Accenture will allow its consultants who are new parents to spend less time on the road, the Journal reports.

Finally, 5 tips for becoming a great conversationalist, from Business Insider.

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