As August turns to its second half, give yourself a jolt of knowledge with these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 10. 

1. What Kind of Leaders Are Gen Y? | Video: To help both millennials and nonmillennials communicate and collaborate, here are a few things everyone should know about this generation of leaders.

2. Developing Leaders to Match Disruption | Video: Top-down decision-making and other old-school leadership structures are dead. Aaron Olson lends his perspective as both a practitioner at Aon and an academic at Northwestern University. 

3. Leaders Need 'Think Time': Take and make the time to step back and refresh your perspective. Leading others in the right direction depends upon it.

4. Close the Skills Gap — Once and For All: Companies are to blame for the perpetual, pervasive skills gap. But changing recruitment strategies and investing in onboarding and ongoing training can help.

5. Internships Help Build Talent Pipelines: Interns aren't fork making coffee runs and photocopies anymore. Instead of using them to assist the present workforce, form them into the future one. 

On Another Note … 

What would a $15-hour minimum wage mean for your city? The New York Times explores.

Also, with the development of a new holding company in Alphabet Inc., Google Inc.'s new CEO brings a low profile to the job, from The Wall Street Journal.  

Finally, 10 core beliefs of incredibly successful people, from Business Insider.





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