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The Week That Was

Get out of the heat this weekend with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Aug. 3. 

1. 3 Reasons to Develop Front-Line Leaders: Don't forget to develop employees who are new to front-line management positions; they have a surprisingly high effect on overall company performance.

2. Four Focuses for Leadership Development: Lowes' Lisa Doyle outlines four factors that have to be considered when developing a leader, including one that's often forgotten. 

3. Learning to Lead From Afar: The chance to work remotely is an attractive perk, but managers have to adapt their leadership style if they're to keep these workers productive and engaged.

4. Has E-Learning Gone Wild Again?: Online education is back with a vengeance — and it works, writes columnist Josh Bersin.

5. Don't Let Learners Phone It In: If you give employees a phone, you distract them for the day. If you teach them how to use the phone for learning, they can learn from it for a lifetime.

On Another Note … 

Activist investors are now going after business schools, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Also, 21 things successful entrepreneurs never worry about, from Entrepreneur.

Finally, these things are keeping you from being productive at work, from Business Insider.

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